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Concerns & Complaints

We are lucky to have a dedicated group of staff and parents alike.

However, from time to time, people will have concerns and complaints.  These may be a result of misconception, differing opinions, mistakes or misconduct.

The person with a concern may be a parent, student or staff member.


In all cases the following principles apply:
  • Complaints or concerns should be voiced through appropriate channels. In the first instance they should be raised with the person involved. If resolution is not possible at this level or where the matter is extremely serious should they be referred to the Principal. People who raise or share complaints through inappropriate channels only make the problem bigger.

  • Initial efforts at dealing with complaints should focus on developing mutual understanding and finding mutually acceptable solutions.


This involves:
    • Listening to the others concerns - Try to really understand them rather than just thinking of defensive responses. To help ensure accurate and active listening, people should practice - ‘reflecting feelings' and ‘paraphrasing over all concerns'. It is useful to ask ‘what outcome/result they would like' - this helps summarise the concern in a nutshell.

    • Sharing - this may include parts of the picture the other person doesn't have, differing intentions or reasons behind actions. It can also include sharing a proposed solution that meets both people's needs.

    • Where it is not possible to find mutually agreeable solutions amongst the people involved or where the allegation is serious enough, it may be necessary for the Principal to be involved.

  • For more information, please see our Code of Conduct for Parent and Volunteers.


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