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Bus Transport

Local Bus Companies

The following local bus companies provide transport of children to and from school from town and country areas:

  • Hinchinbrook Bus Service - Tony Iafano - 0488017699

  • Trans North Bus & Coach - 4776 5124

  • Ricky & Gloria Butler - 4777 1285

The Queensland Government has outlined a "Code of Conduct for School Students Travelling on Buses".  All students of Our Lady of Lourdes are expected to adhere to the Code.  

Should you require information as to which company provides service to your area, please contact the school office in the first instance, however transport arrangements for your child will need to be organised directly by parents with the relevant bus company.

Bus Fare Assistance

The Non Government Schools Transport Assistance Scheme (NGSTAS) is a joint initiative of the Queensland Catholic Education Commission (QCEC) and Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ).  The scheme is administered by QCEC on behalf of all non-state schools and is funded by the Queensland State Government.  Visit the NGSTAS website for more information.

The NGSTAS consists of two programs:
  • Bus Fare Assistance Program (BFAP)

  • Students with Disabilities (SWD) Transport Assistance Program

Parents and carers of eligible students can submit their application each semester of each year using the online application on the NGSTAS website in:

  • May for Semester One

  • October for Semester Two

Reminders will appear in the school's newsletter during May and October.

Generally to qualify for Bus Fare Assistance, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The family must spend more than the weekly threshold on fares. (The weekly threshold for Semester 1, 2015 is $33.00 per family or $25.00 per concession family, for those who hold a current Health Care, Pensioner or Veterans Affairs Pensioner card).  

If parents are unable to apply online, please contact the School for assistance.


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