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Where possible medication should be taken at home. Doctors are aware of this, however there may be times when it is necessary for medication to be taken at school. 

In these cases the parent MUST complete the "Administration of Medication to Students Register" form available at the School Office or below.

Parents should advise the school:
  • Whether it is to be administered or self-administered (including instructions if necessary)
  • The quantity of medication supplied (to be checked)
  • If the medication ceases (including whether unused medication should be disposed of or collected)

Prior to medication being administered, the Principal (or their delegate) must agree to the request.

Medication must be sent to the school in the original packaging with prescription information clear and visible. Generally, medication, along with approval notes, should be kept in the sick-bay.

One of the first aid officers will administer or supervise the administration of medication in line with the above. There may be cases where medication needs to be self-administered as needed and therefore it may need to be stored elsewhere.

Examples include
  • monitoring blood sugar levels and the injection of insulin for diabetes;
  • inhaling medication such as "Ventolin" for asthma;
  • orally administered anti-convulsant medication for epilepsy; and
  • orally administered enzyme replacements for cystic fibrosis.

In such cases parents must include in their written request, any guidelines or procedures provided by the medical practitioner.  The principal determines if the child is capable of assuming that responsibility at school.  The principal, teacher and parent negotiate a suitable place for the medication to be stored and for any equipment to be safely disposed of.


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