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Student Absences

The School has a duty of care to ensure that all student absences are verified, explained and documented every day, and that parents are notified in a timely manner of any unexplained absences.  This sole aim of this policy is to ensure the safety of students arriving at school.

Parents are requested to NOTIFY THE SCHOOL OFFICE by 8.50am each day a child is absent from school either by:

If the office has not received advice regarding an absence, parents/caregivers will receive an automated SMS message to their mobile phones, asking them to contact the school office with an explanation.

On receipt of this SMS notification, it would be appreciated if parents/caregivers could contact the school as soon as possible to provide an explanation for the absence by one of the methods detailed above. 

If your child has arrived after the 8.35am bell, they (the student) will need to present to the school office to collect a yellow "late slip" which they will then give to the class teacher upon arrival to the classroom.  Otherwise the office may not be aware of the child's late arrival, and a SMS message may be sent to parents/caregivers, as per normal policy.

We thank you for your co-operation.


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