Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School
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Tuckshop Convenor:  Mrs. Sonya Girgenti

Lourdes tuckshop operates every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  The tuckshop complies with the principles of the Healthy Choices. A menu is attached below.

Children place their lunch orders in the order box at the front of the tuckshop before parade.  Children must order their lunch - they cannot buy it over the counter.  Some products are available over the counter at play time.  These boxes should be collected and taken back to the classroom for distribution before the start of each lunch break.

To order a Tuckshop Lunch, print clearly on a paper lunch/sandwich bag/reusable tuckshop wallet (see below) for First Break only:

  • Child's name and grade
  • Items required
  • Please enclose the exact money, wrapped in cling wrap/alfoil for hygiene reasons

A Tuckshop Roster consists of mothers who volunteer their services to run this important service for our children. Help in this area is always needed. A copy of the current roster is available from the School Office.

Reusable Tuckshop Wallets are available for purchase at the school office for $10.


Principal: Mrs Paula Martin

18 Abbott Street
Ingham QLD 4850

P: (07) 4776 2719
F: (07) 4776 3882
E: ighm@tsv.catholic.edu.au

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We are in week 6 of school holidays
Term 1 starts Tuesday 29 January 2019