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School Fees

School Fees

School fees consist of a Tuition Fee, set annually by the Catholic Education Office, plus a Maintenance Levy, Cleaning Levy, Building Levy, Resource Levy and other levies set by the School.

School Fees are reviewed annually in line with inflation. In an effort to reduce the financial burden on families, the Catholic Education Office offers a significant fee discount for parents/carers who hold a means tested Australian Government Health Care Card (see concession rate below).


                                            2024 School Fees


Standard Primary School Fees


One Child

Two Children

Three Children

Four Children

Diocesan Fees





Building Fund Levy Per Family

$  756.00

$ 756.00

$ 756.00

$ 756.00

Resource Levy Per Child

$  577.50











$ 772.38






Tuition Fees - These fees are used to cover the cost of office expenses and equipment; teaching and non-teaching salaries and services provided by TCO. 

Resource Levy - This levy covers the cost of arts and crafts supplies, subscriptions, software for learning and consumables, Device Levy 

Building Levy - Used towards the maintenance of school buildings and grounds, loan repayments for buildings and various capital items. 

PREP: The Prep Levy of $20 per child per term is in addition to the above fees and will    

            be billed each term.


 In addition to these family fee discounts, parents/carers with a means tested Australian government health care or pensioner concession card may be eligible to receive a 70% discount to tuition fees. Card must be in the name of the parent/carer not the child/student. Families without these cards who are experiencing financial difficulty should speak with their school principal to apply for special consideration 

 Multi-School Discount

Families will receive the benefit of sibling discounts when their children attend both Primary and Secondary – Gilroy Santa Maria College. Discounts are only applicable if the same debtor/s are financially responsible for the fees for all the children enrolled. Please ensure that you complete the MSD form. This form must be completed for the discount to be applied.

 If families are experiencing financial difficulty they should speak with their school principal to apply for a special consideration. No child will be denied enrolment due to financial difficulty. Parent/carers should discuss this matter with the school principal who will treat the situation with understanding, sensitivity and confidentiality.