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Day Uniform

  • All students will wear the polo shirt each day.
  • Girls will wear it with navy culottes.
  • Boys with navy shorts (longer leg).
  • Students will wear black shoes/black joggers.
  • Both boys and girls will wear short white socks.
  • Shirts will be worn tucked in with the day uniform.

Sports Uniform

  • Designated sports/HPE days will be advised by teachers
  • All students will wear the polo shirt (same as day uniform).
  • All students will wear the unisex sports shorts (not shown here).
  • Students will wear joggers (any colour) and short white socks on sports days.
  • Polo shirts may be worn “out” on sports days (both boys and girls).


  • Navy hat with white embroidered logo.


  • Navy zip-front fleecy jumper.

Hair Ties

Gold, navy, royal blue and/or white colours only – children with hair longer than shoulder length must wear their hair neatly tied back.

Dress Code

  • Jewellery should be kept to a minimum: only a cross or other Christian medal on a chain, a watch, one stud/sleeper per ear lobe (no other visible body piercing is allowed).
  • Fingernails should be trimmed to fingertip length and nail polish is not permitted.
  • Long hair (longer than shoulder length) must be worn tied back. Coloured hair (fully or partially dyed) is not permitted in any case.
  • All ribbons, headbands etc. worn by girls must always be royal or navy blue, white or gold in colour.
  • School pullovers or jackets are always royal blue in colour.
  • Bicycle pants are not part of the sports uniform.
  • It is inappropriate and unacceptable for swimming costumes such as long board shorts to be worn under normal school shorts for boys.
  • The Dress Code applies during school hours, while travelling to and from school, and when students are on school excursions.
  • Extreme hair colours (eg: green, pink or purple rinses) and/or extreme hairstyles (eg: tracks, spikes or mohawks) are not permitted.
  • Other than clear nail polish, cosmetics may not be worn at school.
  • The only headwear that is acceptable is a school hat, which conforms to our Sunsmart Policy.

If for any reason students are not in correct uniform on any particular day, the class teacher should be informed in writing.

These Uniforms and Rules apply to all Students, including Prep Students.

All uniforms are available from size 4 upwards.

Uniforms, including hats, are available for purchase from the following local stockists:

  • Menz NQ – 57 Lannercost Street – 4776 6440
  • Ingham Underagers – 16 Lannercost Street – 4776 3277
  • Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety Ingham - Spirit Shirt 1/72-10 Herbert St - 4410 7999

These stockists are offering a variety of payment options, so please contact them for more information. Students entering Gilroy Santa Maria College for secondary schooling will be able to utilise elements of the Lourdes uniform, meaning a significant cost saving and convenience for families.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office, or a local stockist.