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School Board

School Board

The School Board exists to assist with policy development within the school and to provide guidance in regard to the school's strategic mission and direction.

The Board meets on a monthly basis to discuss issues pertaining to the school and its community. The School Board, since its inception, has developed policies in regard to behaviour, uniform, student and parent codes of conduct, Sunsmart schools and others, all of which are available upon request.

The School Board consists of parents, school staff and community representatives, Principal and Parish Priest.

Parent representatives rotate on a two year cycle. Parents interested in being members of the Board are encouraged to advise the Principal and to read the weekly newsletter for information regarding orientation meetings and representation.

School Board members:
  • Melissa Carr
  • Christine Nickel
  • Andrew Pollock
  • Sister Nina Barra
  • Sarah Sheahan
  • Damian Briggs
  • Paula Martin (School Principal)
  • Moris Gori (school staff representative)
  • Father John (Parish Priest).